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Previously known as "one of Britain's best known prisoners..." (The Times), Ben Gunn was finally released from prison after 32 years.

His unique biography encompasses experiences as diverse as being an E-Commerce strategist, leader of the prisoners’ union, jailhouse lawyer, conflict resolution specialist and being one the UK’s most potent criminal justice bloggers. Read his full profile in The Guardian here.

One of the more intellectual of prisoner-campaigners, Ben chose to educate himself from a schoolboy level to having both undergraduate and post graduate degrees - BSc(Hons) Political Theory & History, MA(Merit) Peace & Reconciliation. Ben’s LinkedIn profile can be found here . Ben's academic speciality is non-violent action and the Human Needs Theory.

Now on Life Licence, Ben is forging a career as a consultant, writer and - as ever – campaigner across a broad spectrum of the criminal justice landscape, providing both practical and policy advice to private and Third sector clients, as well as interviews, talks and guest lecturing.