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Prison Based

Policy Advice

Private, Public and Third Sector groups in the criminal justice arena have used Ben’s unique perspective as an academic-campaigner to improve their services to both clients and service-commissioners.

Clients are assured of complete confidentiality along with a wealth of expertise.

Recent clients have asked advice in the areas of:

Private Sector

Third Sector

Public Sector

Prison Law

Known as one of Britain’s foremost Jailhouselawyers, Ben specialises in the “laws on the landing”, eschewing the High Court for the dingy corridors and cells of adjudications and the internal bureaucratic rules of prisons.

Ben is frequently able to place a dispute or adjudication within the wider context of a prisoner’s sentence and advise accordingly, declining to take a narrow legalistic view of such events.

A deep knowledge of bureaucratic procedure and prison case law enables Ben to guide clients – both prisoners and their legal advisors – to best negotiate the inevitable difficulties of prison life.

Ben is the only prisoner to have crafted a consistently successful defence against Cannabis MDT charges.

Prison law consultations and commissions are welcomed from solicitors, barristers and individuals.

Parole and Sentence Strategy

Having found and made every mistake available to a prisoner in Sentence Planning process, Ben offers the cutting-edge insights that equip prisoners to navigate through the demands of the prison system, minimising the length of sentence to be served and with the least inconvenience to the prisoner and his family.

Parole Boards are often treated by legal advisors as discrete events, to be dealt with as a tick-box exercise to please the Board. Ben adopts a broader view, encompassing all aspects of the prisoner’s sentence and life experience and planning a parole strategy that provides the best chance to neutralise the negative views of prison reports and parole board expectations.

Prison Survival – and beyond

A new and unique service to be offered for the first time in the UK.

For those at the initial stages of their involvement with the criminal justice system, this service prepares people with all the information they require to successfully survive the challenges of prison life.

Ben Free

Encompassing not only the prospective prisoner, advice is also available to deal with those serving the “second sentence” – their families.

This service is holistic. A person facing imprisonment will experience not only disruption to their liberty but in their financial, business, personal and public relations. Ben offers the best guide to navigate through the worst difficulties and advice on mitigating the worst effects of imprisonment.

This service is initially offered to those with high net worth, whose imprisonment will be inherently more disruptive to their lives.

The costs of this service can be high. The cost of imprisonment can be far higher – in every possible way. Never has an investment in expertise and knowledge been so worthwhile.

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