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Prison Survival

A new and unique service to be offered for the first time in the UK.

This service is initially offered to those with high net worth.

For those at the initial stages of their involvement with the criminal justice system, this service prepares people with all the information they require to successfully survive the challenges of the criminal justice system and prison life.

Encompassing not only the prospective prisoner, advice is also available to deal with those serving the “second sentence” – their families.

A prison Landing

This service is holistic. A person facing imprisonment will experience not only disruption to their liberty but in their financial, business, personal and public relations. Ben offers the best guide to navigate through the worst difficulties and advice on mitigating the worst effects of imprisonment.

This support and information service includes the involvement of Associates with pertinent experience, including ex prison staff, prisoners and psychologists. This service is initially offered to those with high net worth, whose imprisonment will be inherently more disruptive to their lives.

The costs of this service can be high. The cost of imprisonment can be far higher – in every possible way. Never has an investment in expertise and knowledge been so worthwhile.