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Guest Lecturing

High Wycombe :

“Your talk was a resounding success”- Pete Ekley, Lecturer High Wycombe. “The feedback from students has been overwhelming and all positive. Some of the things they found fascinating and shocking at the same time. The staff that attended said it was excellent.”

Exeter University :

“Loved it!! Powerpoint was amazing!! Might be good to have a copy for the day of action....and Ben is such a good speaker!!”

1 Grey’s Inn Square :

Amanda Hadkiss is a GDL student at the City Law School who intends to pursue a career at the criminal and human rights Bar:

“On 15 November, John ‘Ben’ Gunn came to 1 Gray’s Inn Square Chambers to give a talk to both practitioners and invited students. Gunn delivered an insightful speech, covering the workings of the prison system, his personal experience of release after thirty-two years inside, and his words of advice for practitioners of criminal law.”

Tara-Lynn Poole, another Law student, wrote a piece called ‘Invisible’:

“There are few people who can speak as credibly about the complex social and political issues that surround the criminal justice system as Ben Gunn. Having served a 32-year prison sentence, in which he completed two degrees and started a PhD, Mr Gunn is one of the few ex-prisoners who can combine his education and direct experience to articulate the efforts, failures, corruption and illogical policies that all contribute to the revolving door that most who enter the criminal justice system find themselves in.”

Rosie Sheppard has just completed her BPTC and hopes to practice criminal law. She is currently working at Temple Church whilst seeking a pupillage. Her blog is called From Prison to Pavement – A Lifers’ Perspective:

“Are Prisoners being set up to fail? A resounding ‘Yes’ from Mr Ben Gunn. On 15th November 2012, I was invited to a talk being held at 1GIS given by Ben Gunn aka @prisonerben, a lifer who was released earlier this year after serving an astonishing 30 years inside. The 20 years served OVER his 10 year tariff were due to his “non-violent non-compliance”.

Ben is a remarkable man. A man who chose to forsake his liberty in order to stand up to a system that he considered to be wholly wrong. His talk was peppered with witty one liners that, however dressed up, hinted of a dark and isolated life spent locked up. Poignantly, one of the first things he wanted to point out to this small room crammed full of lawyers, was the disappointment that he felt towards the barrister who had defended him at his trial. He told us that he had never come to see him after court….and asked that as lawyers, we remember to “try and make sure your client is involved”. I know not of any paid service provider that can get away with blatantly ignoring its customers and the Bar should be no exception….”

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